Parodia is priced in British Pounds (GBP). VAT (Value Added Tax) would be applicable to sales within the UK and EU.


Item Comments Price (GBP)
Parodia Software (single install) Incorporates responsive design for mobiles, tablets. Includes installation, configuration, support and upgrades for 6 months 3125.00
Mail Agent Software Enables emails of best matching new jobs to be sent to users who have created a "saved search". Usually requires a virtual or dedicated server (else Cactusoft Hosting). 250.00


Item Comments Price (GBP)
Web hosting (1 year) Windows Webserver and MS SQL Database. Up to 2gb of webspace, 2gb of database. Daily backups. 550.00
Visual Design Implementation of a custom skin, either to match an existing site, or based on a mockup provided to us. 450.00
Technical Support (1 year) A purchase of Parodia comes with 6 months technical support. Many users want the security of having access to technical support on an ongoing basis. 750.00

Custom Site Build

In many cases our software delivers 90% of what a customer requires, but requires some custom modification to achieve the exact requirements of the client. We frequently modify the software for the specific and unique requirements of clients. Pricing for such jobs is based on an hourly rate. If a suitably precise specification can be agreed in advance we'll quote a fixed price for the modification.

Item Comments Price (GBP)
Custom Development (1 hour) Includes custom coding, visual design, database query creation, etc. 75.00

Payment Terms

Once the full pricing for the job has been agreed based on the pricing above, we require payment of 35% of the total build price in advance.