Mobile Job Board Solution

Limitations of Mobile Internet

Modern smart phones provide an excellent internet experience, but there are still some limitations when compared to a traditional PC

  • Small screen size
  • Inability to upload files (eg CV/resume Word document)
  • Slow internet connection, and/or expensive charges for data usage


Parodia uses the "Foundation" framework to deliver a "responsive" site. This means that visitors using a mobile or other small device get the same pages and features as someone using a tablet or PC, but the page responds to the smaller screen by reformatting content. Some page elements can be hidden for mobile users, for example banner advertisements.

Some mobiles and tablets are unable to upload files such as a CV/resume. Parodia provides a such users a number of options:

  • Apply using an account previously set up with a PC
  • Enter email address and get a link emailed, so that the user can apply later using a PC
  • Apply using a LinkedIn account

The Process

1. Search

Search for jobs by keyword and location, using an interface that closely resembles the experience on a full PC.

2. Review Results

Results are listed. The user can scroll down for view more, just like on a PC.

3. View Job

Users can apply using their existing account, email a link to themselves so that they can apply at a later date or apply using their LinkedIn account.

4. Sign in to Apply

Sign-in to apply for jobs using a CV/resume uploaded previously on Parodia. All the features of Parodia are available to mobile users.

Example Sites

These are some recent sites we've built that support mobile. You can either view them on a mobile, or on a standard PC by reducing the width of the open browser window.