Job Board Software

  • Host with us, or with your own choice of ISP
  • No annual fees - you purchase the software outright, and can modify it
  • Easily customize the visual design of your site, via an HTML template

Parodia is a ready built job board solution. The software can be purchased outright and hosted elsewhere, or hosted with us. Full source code is provided so the software can be modified as much as required, either by us, or by another suitably skilled web developer.

Social Networking

Automate the posting of jobs to Twitter. Let candidates apply for jobs using their LinkedIn accounts.

Integrate with Job Aggregators

Export jobs to or, or use these sites to "backfill" search results on your site, earning commission in the process.


Search and apply for jobs from a
mobile phone using Parodia's
"responsive" interface.


Enable clients to signup and pay in realtime. Out of the box integration with Worldpay and Paypal - other gateways can be added.

Run Multiple-Branded Job Boards

A single install can support several job boards, all administered via a single backend. Clients can login once and post to the
various job boards in your

Open Source Code

The software is full unencrypted open source code. Any suitably skilled
ASP developer can modify it.