Custom Job Board Development

The Parodia code base is open. This means the code can easily be modified either by Cactusoft, or any suitably skilled web developer. Parodia is based on ASP and Microsoft SQL Server database.

If you'd like a quote for custom development, please contact us with an outline of the functionality required. For minor modifications this might be just an outline in an email, but for larger jobs an itemized list of changes in a Word document is preferred.

Casestudy 1: All Cruise Line Jobs

All Cruise Line Jobs is based in Dubai and recruits exclusively for Cruise Lines. The site required a number of modifications

  • Candidates can register for free but a paid account is required to apply for jobs
  • Payment can be made by credit card, or Western Union wire transfer
  • Non-paying users can still search jobs, but won't be able to click through to a full listing in order to apply
  • Users are able to upload a photograph of themselves, and this is displayed to recruiters searching the candidate database (appearance is important for customer-facing staff on cruise ships)

View the site at

Casestudy 2: Omni Jobs

Based in the Cayman Islands, Omni Jobs is a global job board network comprised of some 1500 job board domains.

  • Creation of a 3-tier location structure (country, state, city) and 2-teir industry structure
  • Ability to define new job board URLs from the backend, selecting an appropriate location and category filter (eg "dental jobs in Africa")
  • Integration with Bullhorn to enable jobs to be sent from Bullhorn to the job board, and applications/candidates to be sent automatically from the job board to Bullhorn
  • Custom export of jobs to Indeed

View the site at

Casestudy 3: Staffpointe

Based in the USA, Staffpointe specializes in Healthcare recruitment, but also utilizes Parodia's multi-site support to run sister job boards for technology, engineering and financial fields

  • A custom candidate database
  • SEO changes to enable creation of job listing pages with full customizable URLs

View the site at